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Babywearing - The Ergo Baby Carrier

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1. Being trapped on the sofa with a small person on the boob

2. Finding oneself snared in a boobytrap


Like many others, I regularly faced the boobytrapped dilemma in those first few months. Do I put him down (attempting the world's smoothest transfer) and risk waking him up? Or remained boobytrapped indefinitely, until the end of another mammoth snooze? The answer was babywearing!


My sister, who had recently had children, thought that babywearing might work for me and lent me her MaByland Snuggle baby carrier. It worked like a dream. Little one snuggled-in, slept on walks, my husband could comfortably carry him and I was finally able to get things done.


But after the first few months it was clear it was way too small for him. And me. My back was hurting, and the posture wasn't good. Fortunately there was a wealth of information online with reviews, online communities and blogs. I discovered that wearing little one incorrectly could cause damage to his hips, which was pretty concerning. Apparently it's all about the M-position: maintaining some gentle flexion in his hips and knees with a straight back.



See the following links for some detailed information:


So which carrier next?


The choices were pretty overwhelming! Do I go for a soft structured carrier, sling, woven wrap, stretchy wrap, ring sling? The only answer was to try them out. I borrowed from my friends and also our local sling library. In the end the Ergo Carrier was the best for me - it was so much more comfortable to wear him, there were no complicated ties or knots and it also fitted my husband (who is 6'4"). And most importantly the posture was great for our son, he sleeps like a dream in it, I can breastfeed him in it and he is still really comfy at 16 months.


See the Ergo Site for more product details.


It must be said they are NOT cheap. But we had a bit of luck. On the day that we decided to take the plunge and order online, we were wandering around our local car boot. There it was, a second-hand Ergo Carrier in mint condition. I tentatively asked how much? £4. What a bargain!


My advice - carefully check the position of your little one when they are in the carrier, and try try try a few different carriers out before buying. 


Happy babywearing folks!



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