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Free The Nipple

Posted by Zena Taylor on

Breastfeeding is in the news again!


Law firm Slater Gordon published research earlier this week as part of World Breastfeeding Week showing that most women feel uncomfortable breastfeeding in public. Perhaps no great surprise - breastfeeding seems to have become a divisive issue more and more in recent times.


"While there are laws in place to protect mums who want to breastfeed in public, there is currently no statutory obligation for employers to accommodate women who wish to continue breastfeeding their child when they return to work."

"The research, which polled more than 800 women who had returned to work in the past five years, revealed that 63 per cent of mums felt uncomfortable breastfeeding in public while 14 per cent only fed their child in their own home."

It still amazes me how something so biologically normal can be so socially controversial! Many breastfeeding photos posted on social media are now being reported for nudity and inappropriate content. This is opening an enormous can of be discussed later :)


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