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Donating Breastmilk

Posted by Zena Taylor on


The one thing I was really keen to do having breastfed for six months was to donate milk to my local special care baby unit. Having received a blood transfusion around the time my son was born I was mortified to learn that this might not be possible. I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and carried on breastfeeding my baby. It wasn't until I returned to work after 11 months and began pumping on breaks at work that I realised I could be doing something useful with my pumped milk. After son wouldn't take it from anywhere other than its original source!



This led me to get into contact with my local milk bank liaison officer who advised me that it may be possible after I had some blood screening tests done. To my delight all was clear and I was able to give my milk to a worthy cause and all those sessions pumping at work weren't in vain :) So even if your baby is over six months old and you think you won't be able to donate milk, it is definitely worth getting in contact with your local milk bank to double check. My son is now 18 months and the pumping and donating is still going strong :)



UKAMB (United Kingdom Association for Milk Banking) is a registered charity that supports human milk banking in the UK. Their motto is ‘Every Drop Counts’ and that the provision of safe and screened donor breastmilk makes an important contribution to the care of the premature and sick infants who receive it.


Check out their website for loads more information on donating breast milk and where to find your nearest milk bank in the UK.


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