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Milky Moments

Posted by Zena Taylor on

Hi folks just a quick blog on my new super-duper Christmas present from the hubster!


Milky Moments is written by Ellie Stoneley and illustrated by Jessica D'Alton Goode, and was first published in 2015. There are so many breastfeeding books/texts out there for mothers. I was so delighted to find this colourful book at my local La Leche League meeting. I had to get it to share with my toddler!


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The book beautifully illustrates moments of breastfeeding and closeness with mothers, babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers in a variety of different situations and settings. There is truly a common ground to be found for each nursing mother. I love how breastfeeding is portrayed in such a normal way - as it should be :)


There is an added bonus for your small person to spot - Eric the Bear appears in each page. I would highly recommend this as a valuable addition to any book collection - thanks to the authors for a great book and happy reading :)


Please take a visit to the Milky Moments website

It is available to order on Amazon as paperback or hardback here


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