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To Cover or NOT to Cover, that is the question? - Public Breastfeeding

Posted by Zena Taylor on

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I often do a little 'Breastfeeding' search on the internet and hit 'News', Its a quick snap shot of how the worlds media are portraying Breastfeeding.

The first thing that pops up is a story from the US where a man has become insanely jealous of his wife Breastfeeding their son, so he decided to threaten her with a shot gun........really? This happens? (jaw on the floor type moment)

Then a refreshing review about a photographer Jen Pan who has decided to hit back at Breastfeeding shammers and dedicate her entire project to breastfeeding publicly :) 

I'm loving the first sentence!

'It’s 2016 and people are still being knobs when it comes to breastfeeding.'

'Women are still being told to cover up by total strangers. It’s considered ‘inappropriate’ to feed your child in a public space. Nursing mothers don’t just have to deal with a baby that won’t latch or casual leakage – they’ll have to do all that while ignoring disapproving stares and sexual comments.'

I'm so thrilled that the world has people like this in it, being able to Breastfeed publicly without judgement or weird looks is not something that is going to go away over night but individuals standing out and saying 'hey, the kids gotta eat and it's eating local' is certainly going some way to normalise breastfeeding.

The project goes on to show some beautiful shots of her feeding her son in the main Business District in Singapore (Mini fist pump, high five Jen).

La Leche League have recently sought to gauge feelings on public breastfeeding and the use of covers or not by asking breastfeeding mothers to express their opinions and submit them to their bi-monthly magazineBreastfeeding Matters. I'm eagerly awaiting the submissions. 

Additionally, KellyMom always do well to provide balanced yet pro Breastfeeding information. They have a great section and discussion about Breastfeeding in public.

I hope one day we can all be Free to Feed, with or without nursing covers and anywhere our children need us too :)

Have a fab day, happy nursing

Zena x


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