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Will My Breastmilk Jewellery Discolour?

When I receive your precious breastmilk it is carefully preserved. It is then combined with high-quality jewellery-grade resin using a special technique perfected by Cotswold Keepsakes. The end result is a shimmering pearly-white to creamy-white piece of hard resin jewellery that reflects the unique characteristics of your own breastmilk.


The photo below shows two Breastmilk Beads by Cotswold Keepsakes - a new product on the left, and my own original breastmilk bead on the right. Since creating this bead in 2014, I have worn it most days on my necklace. As you can see, it is very slightly discoloured and is a little creamier-looking than the new product, but in my opinion it still looks great. No filters or tweaking.


Discolouration Answered - The Milky Way Breastmilk Jewellery UK – Bespoke Breast Milk Jewellery and Keepsakes – Beads, Charms, Earrings, Gift Vouchers, Pendants, Rings


Any colour change that might occur has nothing to do with your breastmilk going off, in fact exposure of any resin-containing compound to UV light or to solvent based liquids (including perfume and skin products) will cause a subtle colour change in resin over longer periods of time. If you were to store your piece of breastmilk jewellery away from natural light (as a keepsake for the future as an example) you will find that it undergoes very minimal colour change over many years.


With your finished jewellery you will receive a product care card, following these care instructions will help keep your jewellery in the best possible condition. 


I hope this is useful - if you have any questions please get in touch