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Sending Your Milk

It is really important that your breastmilk arrives safely, and once your order is placed I will email you with full instructions on the way I recommend you send it to me.


I am frequently asked about breastmilk milk "going-off" during shipping by international customers, but as long as you select an international postage option that allows it to arrive within 14 days, you milk will be in good condition for jewellery-making. Your milk will be presevered prior to jewellery-making to eradicate any bacterial growth that occurs during transit.


Safe Packaging


1. Each order requires 20ml (0.6 US fluid ounces) fresh or frozen breastmilk - if you have less milk than this please get in touch to discuss the quantity of milk you are able to provide and I will do my best to create something unique and special for you.


2. Seal your milk in a breastmilk storage bag marked with your name and order number, expelling any excess air.


3. Then enclose this in a second breastmilk storage bag for extra protection, again expelling any excess air. Food storage bags have unreliable seals and are not suitable for transporting breastmilk.


4. Wrap the breastmilk storage bags in an absorbent material (such as tissue or kitchen roll) and place inside a clip & lock food container.


5. Mark your clip & lock food container with your name and order number, and package in a jiffy envelope or parcel paper. I will notify you as soon as this has been safely received.